Thursday, 26 May 2016

Descriptive writing

In Room 2, we have been writing descriptions. We are using language that paints a picture in our readers' minds. Here are some examples of our amazing descriptive writing.

Tastes  like  yummy strawberry.
Sounds like good crunchy gala apple.
Feels like hot stuff.
Looks like STOP
Smells like Ready Salted Chips
By Hudson

    Jump like a kangaroo
As Awesome as a rockstar
As Yummy as candy
    Dig like a builder
As Easy as cooking Indian food
    Nice to everyone
By Jayden

My Biscuit,
I loooove a nice jam biscuit.
It is delicious. It makes you want another one. It is shaped like a gear and it feels as hard as concrete. When you have a bite, it is crumbly.
by Sophie H

As fast as The Flash and Superman chasing the baddies.
As fast as lightning coming down from the sky when it’s really dark.
As fast as a whirlpool sucking in everything in the middle of the sea
As fast as an earthquake rumbling
As fast as a cheetah  running to get it’s dinner.
by Israel

Blue tastes like blueberries
Blue looks like raindrops
Blue feels like toothpaste
Blue smells like candyfloss
Blue sounds like the ocean.
by Riley

The sun is glorious gold
The stars are shiny and bright gold
The crown that sits on the queen’s head is golden pretty .
The $2 coin is like a gold nugget
by Emma

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